Copyright © Vitalox 2012 Battle for Britain | Spiritual Food


Copyright © Vitalox 2012 Battle for Britain | Spiritual Food


The 2Oth Century saw a large number of technical and scientific discoveries that made significant improvements to human health and well being.

Over the last half of the 20th century researchers around the world  continually tried to harness the powerful healing properties of oxygen for use within the body, other than through the breathing process.

No formula was successful until  Aerobic Oxygen.

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Oxygen & Cancer


We are only as healthy as our least healthy cells

Aerobic Oxygen is manufactured to a medical grade

Vitalox - the UK’s original supplier of Aerobic Oxygen

Keeping Aerobic Oxygen cheap and affordable

Oxygen is the only way to true healthy energy


AEROBIC OXYGEN the faster way to fitness

Looking to learn about and buy Aerobic Oxygen!

You’ve come to the right place. Vitalox was right there when Aerobic Oxygen was first brought into the country  in the late 1990’s. We have proved we are here for you over the long haul, and our years of experience means we can answer most of your questions. Welcome to Vitalox.

Cellulite Busting

Can I see Aerobic Oxygen working?

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60 Drops per day: in any cold drink is known as a therapeutic dose. Many people ask  will it help with this condition or that condition.
It’s easy to believe  Aerobic Oxygen is a  panacea for all ills, a cure all, but that would be wrong.
What oxygen does is promote the the basic foundation of good health which is healthy cells.
If you strengthen the foundations then most other problems reduce or go away.

Aerobic Oxygen

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Bowel Cancer does not necessarily mean major operations and stoma bags. Everyone should read our article on bowel cancer treatment. It may not be yours that you save but by reading this you might be able to save someone else’s arse.

Oxygen & Cells

Saving My Arse