Supplying Aerobic Oxygen Since 1998

Supplying Aerobic Oxygen is more than just a business to us. We know the benefits that people receive from its regular use, but using Aerobic Oxygen is only possible if it is affordable. That is why we are committed to keeping it cheap and affordable for all. There are pressures in the industry to increase the cost of Aerobic Oxygen. Support us and we will do our best to resist these pressures. Our customers are precious to us and we know most of you by your first name. We thank you for your support over these many years and we look forward to serving you for many more.

Dr Clare Eno & Andrew Haigh


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The people behind Vitalox

Dr Clare Eno is the scientist, gaining her first degree in Marine Biology from Swansea University. She then went on to Cambridge University to complete a PHD in respiratory physiology. While at Cambridge she developed a world leading method to predict the oxygen uptake of marine animals. It would be fair to say she is on the ball when it comes to oxygen and its metabolism.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur. For those old enough to remember the first home computer, The Spectrum by Sinclair. Andrew wrote and marketed the first commercially written software for The Spectrum. Building and Yacht Charter companies followed and in 1998 Andrew started importing Aerobic Oxygen from Canada. Shortly after starting Vitalox Andrew was head hunted for the post of sales manager in a large industrial company in North Wales.


Every day Aerobic Oxygen helps people, so we feel good too. Imagine going to work every day knowing that your efforts could make someone feel better.

Its a great way to spend your day. The best way to promote Aerobic Oxygen is to talk about it and we love to share what we know and the experiences we have had over the years since this all started in 1998. Before you call though, click the button below and read some of the articles we have found and  written.

Then if you need to know more, call with your questions.

Our commitment to you

We pride ourselves on service and in most cases orders placed before 4:30pm will ship that day, normally arriving the next day depending on the post in your area.

We love to talk about Aerobic Oxygen and we are happy to answer any questions you might have. Over the years we have been asked most questions but if we don’t know the answer we will do our best to find one for you.

We will always have at the core of our business strategy, keeping the cost of using Aerobic Oxygen affordable. Your commitment to us is the best way to help us achieve that objective.

Dr Clare  the Scientist   &    Andrew the businessman

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Not wanting to disappoint existing customers he continued to service them but did nothing to promote Vitalox believing the business would slowly wither and die.

Two years later on leaving his job as sales manager to care for his elderly mother he found that rather than disappear, Vitalox had actually grown. If proof was ever needed that Aerobic Oxygen was its own best advert that was it. Since that time he has been committed to building awareness of the benefits of Aerobic Oxygen.