The Inside Story

We suggested an experiment that you might want to try on the bottom of the home page but if you didn’t see it have look when you finish here.

The experiment on the home page is something you can do at home to demonstrate the effect Aerobic Oxygen has on bad anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria. The article below shows the results of lab tests, again showing how effective Aerobic Oxygen can be.

The picture prior to the use of Oxygen shows blood cells clinging together which is an indication that the cells are unable to carry oxygen and nutrients efficiently to other cells. The aggregation of the red blood cells is a very good indication of future health problems, as the efficient transportation of oxygen and nutrients is extremely important to maintaining a healthy life style. The before picture also shows fungal forms such as candida or yeast infections. After only 21 days fungal forms reduced by over 90%. You can also observe bacteria outside and inside the cells in the before pictures which has also been nearly eliminated.

After using Oxygen for 21 days, the integrity of the blood cells and surrounding fluid has dramatically improved. Prior to the use of Oxygen there are several detrimental conditions noticeable in the live blood cell analysis. The ideal condition of the cells is similar to the pictures shown after the use of Oxygen. The cells should be separated from one another, round in appearance, with only a light shaded area in the middle of each cell.

There are still some residual blood conditions noticeable after the 21 days, however experience with Oxygen is that these conditions will continue to diminish with the constant use of the product. As you can see there is a dramatic difference in only 21 days in the integrity and health of the cells with the use of Oxygen.