Saving My Arse!

Bowl Cancer a Survivors Story

Papillon Radical Radio Therapy

Few people know about this. Only a handful of surgeons ever recommend it.

Some surgeons actively discourage it.

Those who have been through it love it and want to shout it from the roof tops “surgery and a stoma bag or the box are not the only options”.

In March 2012 I was diagnosed with bowl cancer. Almost from the word go the options are laid out for you, none of them very good. Mine were go away and do nothing and in 18 months die (I suppose that’s give or take a month or two. I wouldn’t want to be too pessimistic). Or you can be cut from breast bone to belly button, disembowelled, have your rectum cut out and live with a bag for thee months before another operation or live with the bag for life. The other tit bits of information are a good chance of impotence, incontinence and increased morbidity tagged on for good measure.

If you have explored this site thoroughly already you might guess that chance,luck and coincidence are not words in my vocabulary. I prefer words like inspiration, guidance and blessings. I was blessed that day to have one of only a handful of surgeons in the world who knew about and were happy to suggest Papillon Therapy. In fact my surgeon insisted we go away and research it on the Internet before I agreed to the operation. How different can a thing be? Three walk in walk out visits for the Papillon Radio Therapy. No more bothersome than a quick visit to the dentist really. A little extra radio and chemotherapy and away you go. Now cancer is a serious thing and it has a habit of throwing spanners in the works out of the blue but Papillon seems to have similar success rates as surgery and if you are unfortunate there is still the bag or box option. I have been through the Papillon treatment and am now in the watch and wait phase. I hope to be one of the vast majority who are eventually cured that is to say clear of any recurrence for five years. One person who wears that badge of honour is a young man called Mark Davies he is the author of the book whose title and cover are at the head of this article. It is fast approaching ten years since Mark who was 31yrs when he received his diagnosis went through Papillon Treatment.

The book Mark has penned is a terrific read as a stand alone story. It would make a fantastic stocking filler or present for any occasion.

If you want to read a book that will make you laugh and cry whilst telling a story about an average guy’s quest to Save His Arse, then this is worth a look.

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Saving My Arse